As a niche product supplier, we choose our products very carefully, ensuring we create an add-on effect for our customer base.

Typical Products Supplied

Aviation Chemicals:  Sealants, Adhesives, Compounds, oils, greases and Lubricants, Paints, cleaning materials, surface treatment products.

Tapes & Adhesive Films:   Carpet, Sealing, Insulation, Plasma, Masking, Brazing, and special Adhesive Film from major suppliers such as 3M, Polyken, E&H, Orcon, Saint Gobain, Tesa, Aplix , Gudebrod and Western Filament etc.

Honeycomb:    This is one of our specialities, which we are very proud to supply. At A.P.I. we offer the full range of Aluminium & Titanium structural Honeycomb used on Cowling & Thrust Reverser repairs. We
have a special joint venture with Indy Honeycomb (KY - USA), which is a
key manufacturer of specialised honeycomb structures & seals used in todays’  modern Jet Engines.

Composite/Raw Materials:  These include a wide range of composite adhesive films, prepregs & fabrics. Sheets Bars, Extrusions, and tubes,  in numerous materials such as Aluminium, Titanium, various Rubber grades, & Plastic grades  used in Interior cabins outfitting (Commercial & V.I.P.)

Distributorships:  We at A.P.I. have been entrusted with special distributor rights for the following items :

Ensolv Cleaning Solvent  
Approved by Boeing (BAC5408) for replacing Trichloroethylene
for aerospace usage in vapour degreasing & Ultra-Sonic cleaning.
Perfect for parts cleaning, Oxygen & Fuel Lines etc.  

Indy Honeycomb:  Our Joint Venture has exceeded all expectations in the area of Thrust reverser Repair with Honeycomb from Indy Honeycomb. This made to measure Honeycomb, made from Titanium, Inconel, Stainless Steel or Hastelloy-X is of highest quality and available in the quantities needed to perform the repair.(Small Quantities possible !)*

Tolber Plating Supplies: Miccrowax, Miccrostop Paints & laquers,
Plating protection tapes etc.

FMI Chemicals:  Special Sealants and Adhesives repackaged into
practicle containers (Semkits or cans) for better product handling and
waste reduction. Materials are also tested on site to ensure that they
meet your specification needs.

We are not limited to the above mentioned products and can obtain many more Aerospace
Consumables, for more details please see our Linecard.
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